The 7744 Ranch: An Exclusive Resort for your next visit, or corporate event in Austin, TX

Austin's Most
PrestigiousGlamping Destination

The Anderson family's newest venture in luxury lodging

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Experience 7744 RanchA Finely Curated Austin Oasis Perfect for Corporate Retreats

You are formally invited to experience glamping like never before at 7744 Ranch, the newest venture in innovative lodging brought to you by Austin’s very own tastemakers of luxury, the Anderson family. 7744 Ranch allows guests to fully indulge in the extraordinary terrain and landscape of Texas’ capital city, while simultaneously experiencing breathtaking accommodations like no other. Our ranch is the ideal escape for guests seeking the solace of nature in the comfort of world-renowned mobile estates. Delightfully unusual yet expertly rendered, the 7744 Ranch is a destination like no other.

When conceptualizing and creating 7744 Ranch, our explicit goal was to ensure that no corners were cut, and no creature comforts were spared in the process. Today, we are proud to offer visitors just that---a next-level resort experience punctuated by interesting amenities and the natural scenic beauty of Austin. As a city known for its quintessential quirkiness and out-of-the-box spirit, we’re proud to contribute to the unique cultural fabric with a luxurious and one-of-a-kind glamping experience.

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Specializing in Corporate Retreats & EventsUnique Experiences for your next team builder

The nature and design of 7744 Ranch makes it an excellent backdrop for corporate retreats and events. These types of events are our niche and specialty. We are equipped with plenty of amenities to make for a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our guests. With a maximum occupancy of 10 guests at any given time, we can provide a personalized and professional experience that puts your party or group at the continual forefront of our operation. Our spacious and private grounds are optimal for professionals seeking a unique yet practical corporate retreat destination. The private grounds of 7744 Ranch are quiet and promote wellness through nature, making them an ideal private workspace for your team of professionals.

The 7744 Ranch is ideal for gatherings of this sort, seeing as there are currently 5 on-site mobile estates, each of which can accommodate two individuals at any given time. In summation, our maximum occupancy allows for a total of ten guests, allowing for personalized care and complete devotion to your next corporate event. Our unique premises also adds a level of intrigue that your team members will find irresistible and thought-provoking. Not to mention, the accommodations themselves are interesting enough to provide a memorable experience, but not so foreign as to ultimately feel uncomfortable. On the contrary, our goal is to set the stage for comfort and satisfaction by giving guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

Our mobile estates offer up to 1,200 square feet of living space. If that weren’t enough to pique your interest, most of the mobile estates are two stories high, offering space that is well configured. The 7744 Ranch mobile estates are crafted at the intersection of seamless comfort and effortless style. If you’re looking to make an impression, you can’t go wrong with our lavish glamping experience. Regardless of the reason for your event or retreat, we’ll help you navigate the entire process from inquiry to reservation.

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Why Visit Austin and the 7744 RanchAustin offers boundless year-round entertainment

In recent years, Texas, particularly Austin, has quickly revealed itself to be one of the nation’s top tourist destinations. As a touchstone of both Texas culture and southern hospitality, Austin offers boundless year-round entertainment in art, film, music, outdoor recreation, and much more. Not only is Austin the capital city of Texas, but it’s the live music capital of the world, offering visitors access to shows ranging from talented locals to the stylings of major touring artists. Austin is also home to various festivals including the acclaimed South by Southwest Music and Film Festival (SXSW) and the beloved Austin City Limits Festival.

Austin, like much of the south, is also a world-class destination for food and shopping. Featuring everything from modern vegan to authentic Texas BBQ, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the city’s culinary spectrum. From high-class boutiques to music emporiums, the robust shopping scene makes for a gratifying day on the town for retail enthusiasts.

7744 Ranch is a mere stone’s throw away from the city, offering plenty of opportunities for guests to plan day trips into Austin. Our excellent location provides guests with proximity to a major metropolitan area, while still offering all of the distinct pleasures that come with seclusion in nature. Our private resort is your ultimate getaway and a home base for you to call your own while you visit. Additionally, the space doubles as your private hosting sector, ideal for corporate retreats and events. You can rest assured that your party will receive personalized care, worthy of the influential clients we are accustomed to working with. Whether you come to us locally, or from elsewhere in the country/world, we’ll provide a truly transcendental lodging experience.

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