The 7744 Ranch: An Exclusive Resort for your next visit, or corporate event in Austin, TX

The HeatOne of the most advanced Trailers in the world today

A Taste of Luxury Stay in this one of a kind estate tailored with you in mind

On first glance The Heat unit is a marvel in the industry, standing at 2 stories tall. This unit revolutionized the industry of mobile homes with not only how tall it is but also because it is roughly 1200 square feet of living space.

On the first level is a large front lounge with a fully functional kitchen. It has a full size refrigerator/freezer, a 4 burner cooktop, a dishwasher drawer and a double sink. A full size dining room table that seats 6 comfortably and is made of Carpathian Elm sits across from the kitchen. This room also has a couch and a large makeup mirror that is motorized and comes up out of the back of a cabinet to add additional storage. There is a 60 inch 4K tv and a sound system that is right out of a recording studio. As you leave this room there is a set of Star Trek doors that lead into a separate space.. This room can be used as a meeting space, a dressing room, additional lounge space or as a first floor bedroom. One side of the room is a comfortable sofa that can also pull out to a bed and the other side is closets and storage.

Continuing up the stairs to the 2nd floor you are greeted with a bar that has a small refrigerator. This floor is for entertaining! The couches can seat up to 18 people and there is a 100-inch motorized screen at the very front, a 50 inch LED tv at the rear of the lounge, 4 LED 32 inch tv’s that pop up out of cabinets and a projector, all are accessible via Direct TV, laptops, Apple TV or any media source. As you walk past the couches you go through a door and enter a 2nd bedroom with a queen size bed. Finishing up the room is a large desk and a 50 inch TV.

No expense was spared when this unit was built. It contains 27 slabs of granite and the electronics package was in excess of $125,000 dollars. It has 2 AC/Heat units that are 5 Tons each and a high pressure unit that circulates the air in the room every 3 minutes through HEPA filters. This unit is equipped with Dual Outback inverters that can supply 60 amps of power from 6 Batteries that are 180 lb. each and will operate the mobile Estate for several hours with NO external power source. The décor of the unit is very yacht-like with radios, corners, shadow relief cabinets and bamboo floors. Every electronic aspect of The Heat is operated from an easy to use AMX touch screen 10 inch monitor making it easy for anyone to operate it.

This unit still remains as one of the most advanced RV’s in the world today. Come stay with us and see what this one of a kind luxury trailers feels like today!

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