The 7744 Ranch: An Exclusive Resort for your next visit, or corporate event in Austin, TX

About UsWe've created amazing Mobile Estates

Who We AreWe've created amazing Mobile Estates

7744 Ranch was inspired by the creative and amazing visionaries of Anderson Mobile Estates. With a wildly successful career in creating luxury estates for some of Hollywood’s most elite they have done it again by bringing this first class experience to Austin TX through a unique experience in the form of a Luxury RV Resort.

Ron Anderson, co-owner, created star trax celebrity coaches in 1987. In 1999 he made the decision to sell the business and sail around the globe with the family. The idea of a yacht-like estate that can be remotely located was finalized while at sea. This new concept will have all the amenities one would want for their luxury needs with an emphasis on fine taste and remote locations.

Upon returning to the United States, they created the brand Anderson Mobile Estates to develop the two-story trailer concept. Not long after, the Anderson Family obtained patents for the design and built a prototype, which eventually became The Aspen Mobile Estate, which was later sold to A-List Actor Will Smith. Over the next 20 years the Andersons have made a stamp in the Luxury RV world and created these amazing experiences for the elite.


Now, in 2022, they have created a new immersive experience to the Austin, TX area. We are opening our doors to a Resort like experience to give everyone the opportunity to live large in our 7744 Ranch! The ranch is a private resort with some amazing amenities. Choose from our 5 Luxury estates to escape in each with their own unique features. They have created a custom experience to fit any and all of your needs. With the world moving virtual we wanted to be an option for corporations to hold work retreats here and encourage some team building opportunities to bring morale up and escape from behind the screens. If work is still needing to be done we have some amazing spaces inside the units to have meetings, stream presentations and access to the internet via 2 Starlink satellites across the entire resort! While we are tailored to the glamping experience we are also home for business needs surrounding on site filming and production, podcasting and catering to any tech retreats with benefits of being a 2 mile drive to the “Tesla Gigafactory”.

While the 7744 Ranch specializes in corporate retreats and events, we do offer packages and opportunities for other guests. To determine if our luxury mobile estate resort is right for your next event or gathering, we are standing by to answer any questions you might have. Creating a memorable, safe, and one-of-a-kind experience for guests is our top priority. To learn more about our process and protocol, get in touch today.

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Our Passion for Koi FishThe koi are a living work of art

The koi are a living work of art. The care they require and deserve cannot be found with just anyone! With our passion, experience in pet ownership we take good care of our fish and give them all the love possible.

The animals of Earth have always been a part of our lives in one way or another. From furry friends like dogs, to wildlife that we share the planet with- each has its own story and value. Our ranch is a safe haven for creatures but especially for our beloved Koi Fish.

More often than not people don't realize that the average Koi will live 25 to 35 years. When kept as a pet, though, koi fish have been known to live even more than 200 years. Yes, your koi fish could outlive you! Of course, just like humans Koi can grow and reproduce. Koi can grow to be very large up to two or three feet at times and this can make a small pond overstock and create a poor environment for the fish. When your pond is filled with too many koi it is time to find a new pond for some of them. Here at the 7744 ranch we do our best to help provide a safe place for the Koi to thrive and it's our pleasure to share this zen experience with you as well.

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